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Goodness Gracious....what now?

For a solid year, and longer, I have been focused on our brick and mortar. I knew the exact space and felt it came into my life through serendipity. My friend and broker led me to the space and during negotiations, he tragically passed away. At this point, I felt the landlord and I had developed a strong relationship and after our mutual loss, I decided not to replace my broker. There were no less than a thousand times I wished I could call my friend and get his guidance. I focused on the space, I was patient, I never strayed from the mission. There were plenty of hiccups and there is a uniqueness in the space that proved impossible to remedy for my needs. I continued on telling myself, "I can make it work". In the end, as lease negotiations were finally getting some movement, the deal fell apart. I always knew that I had to be willing to walk away, if this was not going to make sense for my success. Walking away was very tough, most of all, I hated to walk away from the relationships I had developed. The first thing I did was hire a broker. I had a wonderful zoom call with Barbara Corcoran (Shark Tank), and the bit of advise she was insistent on was HIRE A BROKER. Do not do this without a broker....already, the pressure feels lifted. Goodness Gracious Kitchen & Cupboard is still hanging on and looking for a new home in Carmel. I am chronically optimistic and already have found some great options, with fantastic allowance rates, which make my vision even easier to make happen! We are closing down picnic season for the year....and hope to greet everyone from our brick and mortar come spring! My memoir is being edited and hope to have that published by first of the year!! Thank you all for all of your patronage and endless support. One thing about me....I am always able to keep on trucking on.



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