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Hurry Up and Wait

I'm a patient person but some things happen when I am idle. Being idle is almost crippling, debilitating. The mind doesn't stop. The dreaming, planning, worrying, loops through my thoughts round the clock. Sometimes I run through my mental maze just to find a way to a solution, resolution, a means to an end, or simply a place to rest. My actions can send me down a path of, or random left field directions, which would have me abandon my dreams. I search for new potential dreams. Luckily, I have found a place to rest, while I continue to plan, be inspired, and honestly feel envious of all the new restaurants opening. I continue to search for a new building for Goodness Gracious Kitchen & Cupboard. One might say, all the roadblocks and delays, obstacles and uncertainty, may be a sign that this is not the path. I would be one of those to say such things. The biggest disability is being 20 months with no smell or taste. As a food obsessed person, never mind, my livelihood, this alone is a lot. I persist. I hope I have maintained the entire time that I am letting things unfold, and trusting it all as it comes. I trust things really do work out just as they should. I am not a person who is all rainbows and feel goods, not. at. all. I just know the hard stuff is important.

So, I will hurry up and persistently wait and hope and keep planning and preparing. If any of that makes sense.

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