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October Obsession

This October has given me an unusually high level of excitement. I love the change of seasons. This season is the time to gather. Family, friends, traditions, and food galore. From football, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, there are many opportunities to make memories and to be grateful. Reflect to a year ago, where were we as a world? We were not together. Let this be the season we put into practice all those signs you've bought and hung on the wall. Really LIVE, really LAUGH, really LOVE. Practice what you preach, and forgive those who trespass. Have the realization that you can make a choice to release the dark cloud of anger and resentment. Embrace that life unfolds EXACTLY as it is supposed to, even the stuff that hurts us. We live in such division. IF we stop having division in our own backyard, maybe there is hope for the World. I am opening up to all the possibilities. Something about this October makes me extra hopeful, Connect with a stranger, repair a relationship, do something and not expect something in return. I want this to be the BEST holiday season EVER for ALL OF US. We will all be sharing stories of our family members we have lost and the food memories they have left behind. We have a home on this website to honor them. Please submit an entry with your stories so we may share and keep their spirit and food stories alive. Have an amazing October. Remember: when we have dirty dishes, it means we have food to eat. When we have to go to the store, it means we have money in our pockets. When we have chaos from children, we have love around us. If we are going to bed and feel exhausted, it means we still have a life full of opportunities.



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