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Rainy days and Mondays...

they don't get me down....not today at least! Today feels like renewal to me...the rain is washing away the funk I was feeling last week, warmer temps are on the horizon, the rain is providing nourishment to the Mother Earth, and preparing us for good day sunshine. I know we are all hearing the news of summer concerts releasing their line ups, we are seeing "numbers" decline, and we are getting new guidelines for what will keep us safe. I am beyond thrilled with the hope all of this is bringing me. I am getting ready for you all! I will be participating at Clay Terrace Summer concerts on Thursday nights in June...where I will be offering individual grazing boxes! Pair this with your favorite dance moves and your favorite wine...its what dreams are made of! I will also not have any service the week of July 6- a little family time for me and mine. I look forward to making your picnic season extra special. Enjoy this rainy Monday and know the rainbow is on its way!

Fondly, Gigi

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