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Spring is here!

To my guests….

What a year it has been! Every year, when the weather hits the first 60 degree day, spring fever sets in. I get an excitement for things to come and get a bit antsy to be outside. It is my own sort of seasonal renewal. It is a little different this time around. A lot different. If we reflect back on what we have all gone through, both collectively as a country, a world, and in our own individual lives, it is time to RISE AND SHINE.

My heart has broken over and over with every business closing. My heart has broken over and over with every life that has been lost. And with each life saved, and with every new business, I have a feeling of that American resilience, once again.

One year later, I am thankful. Mostly because I know that we will persevere. Not without wounds, or loss, but those are the things that can provide us with the surest path to gratitude. I am thankful that I, myself, am moving forward. I believe in my purpose and I believe I have something to offer you. My passion is to preserve those precious moments in our lives, to continue the traditions. I do this through food and picnics.

A new day and a new hope is on our doorsteps. Now, more than ever, we need to gather together. I am confident we will be doing so, safely, and not have the fears we have had for 365 days.

Welcome to our new website, and our renewed journey…we hope you’ll join us.



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