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Sweet June

My sweet June passed away at the age of 97. One year older and maybe wiser than the Queen. These two women occupied the planet at the same time. They were witness to so many changes, from wars to wins, the assasination of a President, the unrest, the free love, the dividision, the insane progression with technology, and the last few years of a second pandemic in their lifetime. I went to her service on Monday and listened to someone speak about the Queen of England and also June. Rightfully saying that the same sentiments the media spoke of the Queen also apply to June. Kind. Resilient. Funny. Dedicated to her family. Dedicated to her Country. And of course, the topic of food came up. June in the kitchen cooking. So many emotional attachments are made through food. It is the one tangible thing we can have to keep the memory of loved ones alive. Her famous Hoosier chili. The enchiladas. June was credited for bringing Mexican food to Carmel, Indiana, coming from her time in Southern California. Cherish the recipes, learn the stories, pass on the traditions. Rest well, sweet June. I will miss you.

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