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Welcome, Miss June! of my favorite months but lets face it...I cherish many months for many different reasons. June is the real beginning of Summer, to me. The Greatest Spectacle of Racing has just concluded. I love the Indy 500 and all its crazy glory! Kicks off our Midwest Summer! Congrats to Helio for a phenomenal four time win. We Honor all of those who sacrificied their lives so that we may live free! Memorial Day is every day...I am very patriotic and hold this country close to my heart.

So, June is also one of my favorite names, and one of my favorite beloved 97 year old friend. I have also selected June Correl as my guest for "Like Mom Used To Make". I will be making one of her signature dishes and bringing it to her and her family at her assisted living community. Stay tuned for those lovely memories we create for her...and for me.

We also start June with PRIDE month! This makes the month so much more colorful! The people we love and support decorate our lives all year round and I love to support this celebration so much because LOVE is LOVE.

June. Oh sweet month of June. It is International Picnic Day on June 18th! I have a petition to sign for Mayor Brainard to Declare Carmel a Picnic Friendly Community as well as, Declaring the 3rd week of June, our own Picnic Week! Our parks are phenomenal and what is a park without a picnic?

Follow that with Juneteenth, the most incredible day where this Nation ended slavery. A day to celebrate and show our gratitude and appreciation for our history, the good, bad, and horrendous. A day to reflect on those experiences of others who truly formed this country through unbelievable pain.

June is especially meaningful this year...I will be making an appearance at some summer concerts. First up...Clay Terrace Ladybug Summer Concert Series. June, 3, 10, and 17th I will be serving you individual grazing boxes and buckets of cold fried chicken. Get there early! The show must go on and it is!!! Symphony on the of my favorite summer time places to go! Book your baskets ahead of time!

I am kicking off an official startup fundraiser for our very first restauarant! We have a very exciting location in mind for Carmel! I will place the QR code on the home page. More on that later!

Our calendar is FULL with summer many things we had to do differently last year, it is surreal what we just went through as a human race. I am even more grateful this year than ever. Be kind out there.



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