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You give me fever....

Oh, it is sunny and 70. Oh, its 22 and snowing. Tis the season for spring in the Midwest. I love the changes of the seasons. It balances me, I rely on it, I thrive, and never get bored. The topsy turvy and keeping me on my toes, not so much. Either way, no matter what it is doing outside, inside my brain I am pregaming for picnic season! This year, we still do not have a brick and mortar. Quite literally lost a lease again due to lack of integrity. It's a shame. Either way, I begrudgingly trust the Universe and being happy that lack of moral compass was revealed before I signed on the line. We will find a home!

We have updated our menu, changed the look a bit, added some great picnic packages, and adjusted how we function. National Picnic Day is Sunday, April 23rd! We kick off picnic season! Orders will only be available Wednesday-Sunday! 48 hrs in advance still in place! We will be offering a pickup location and delivery to Carmel, Westfield, Noblesville, Zionsville, Fishers, and North Indy.

We will be offering picnic service to select shows at RUOFF for your picnic tailgate!! Those will be posted on our Instagram! First one will be Janet Jackson on May 26th!

We want to see your picnic photos, we want to see your favorite picnic spots! We are an interactive business! All the love you you, our friends! 40 days till picnic season and 6 days till Spring!

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