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A tisket a tasket...

we are ready to build our best breakfast and lunch restaurant!!! 



We found our HOME! What a long strange trip it was getting here...Brick and mortar coming soon! Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to join our journey! 

We will be focused on building the dream which means we have to pause service until we can seat you in person! 

We will have a NEW website! Stay Tuned!!! 

Instagram...BE A FOLLWER and we will LEAD you to good feeling content! 

Send in all your picnic pics, from childhood, favorite locations, best memories! We are an INTERACTIVE business. We love our friends and we love your memories.


We lay out the picnic blanket and offer you our grateful welcome!
Goodness Gracious is a restaurant and food service, here to preserve the past, connect the present, and create a loving future over a wholesome food experience! Tell your stories, share your laughs, live in the present with our personalized picnic basket catering from the first blooms of spring until the autumn leaves fall! Nourish the soul with homemade soup in the cold quiet of winter…or gather over a charcuterie all year long.

Preserving the Past through Food and Tradition. 
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Our sandwiches and sides are hand crafted with fresh ingredients. No plastic, all paper, glass, and refurbished picnic baskets.

Picnic Baskets

We take all the work out of your picnic experience, so you can focus on making memories! Just order your items, sandwiches come with a side, fruit, and a fancy fortune cookie! Pick the date and time! And your food will be delievered in a repurposed picnic basket, with maybe some glass items to return, or compostable items to pitch…we 100% stand by a reduce, reuse, and recycle philosophy. Simply place basket and returnables at the delivery location 24 hrs later for pick up!


A ladle full of love with our scratch made soups! 
Order a 64 oz. glass jar full of deliciousness includes a loaf of bread. The jar is yours to keep or return for a $1.00 credit on your next order!

Charcuterie &

Grazing Boards

Gather around a beautiful grazing board for any and all your events. Or share a traditional Charcuterie. With your choice of a disposable palm leaf platter, that is sustainable and plentiful on the planet. Or you may have a returnable wood platter. $25 charge if not returned.

Wellness Baskets

A loved one not up to par? Send a friend a wellness basket for their mind, body, spirit needs. Basket is delivered with our homemade Liquid Gold chicken broth full of healing goodness, and whole grain crackers.  Goodness Gracious coffee mug with green tea, Emergence Vitamin fizzy drink, Liquid IV Hydration Multiplier, Fancy Fortune cookie. 
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Our Philosophy

Goodness Gracious strives to preserve the past with food and tradition. Our food is made from the legacies of love. Focusing on the connections that bring us together. We curate sweet memories. Once we tend to every detail, we put a bow on it.  

Gigi's Cupboard

Gigi's Cupboard is an extension of Goodness Gracious. Both of these businesses share the love of food, tradition, and preservation of the past. Goodness Gracious delivers custom picnic baskets packed with wholesome goodness, while Gigi's Cupboard shares unique and traditional kitchen and home goods that are near and dear to her heart. From cooking in iron skillets to eating on vintage inspired dishware...wearing frilly aprons and connecting over coffee cups, here is a place you can find your goodness for your cupboard. 

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