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Preserve the past... honor the legacies of our loved ones, focus on shared connections, curate sweet memories, and tend to the details...
we put a bow on it!

Goodness Gracious began with just the domain name in 2010 and dream it would someday mean something. A faraway dream tucked away for the right time, place, and pertinacity.

A new life and love story began in Carmel Indiana in 2015. With that came the rewards of a thriving community and Goodness Gracious realized her purpose. To preserve the past with food and tradition….simply means our food is crafted from old recipes, old stories, old memories. We bring new life to forgotten traditions. We get out our good dishes year-round to reminisce about the precious moments in life. We represent the heart of many homes, from our kitchen to your table. When “We put a bow on it”  our intention is to present our very best. 

It is truly a dream fulfilled each time we contribute to a memory you create. It is delicate, whimsical, meaningful, memorable, flavorful, bountiful, and heartful. 

We thank you all for your continued support!