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Food Legacy

What is a Food Legacy?

Food Legacy is the story, the memory, the inheritance of a recipe, the connection to the past, the honoring of your family, and sharing it with others. Quite simply, preserving the past. Goodness Gracious welcomes your stories and your recipes. We are dedicated to food legacies. We are dedicated to preserving the past through food communion. 

Grandma Laura

Her kitchen always smelled of food cooking. Her kisses smelled of garlic and beer. She was always canning or gardening. Grandma and her husband were farmers in Nokomis, IL. I spent time on the farm as a child. After Grandpa passed away, she moved into town. We spent our holidays at her house. Ham in the oven, green beans on the stove. I still make Grandma's green beans…the secret is cooking them to death and using an iron skillet. She would use the green beans she had canned, lots of fresh garlic, mushrooms, and bacon. May not be preserving the vitamins, but there is certainly an element of value from fresh farm canned foods that we don’t have anymore. I miss her and would give anything to be in her kitchen eating pie off her melamine plates.



Grandma June

Grandma June is pure magic. When remembering my fondest memories, its her welcoming hugs and presenting me with warm chocolate chip oatmeal cookies. She was the picture perfect homemaker and an inspiration for me. Being one of her 17 grandchildren, I was so lucky to be around her. She was the happiest with friends and family. Her love was made in the kitchen and will continue for generations to come. She made her own cookbook and we all use it today. Grams is 97 years old and still with us! 



The Miller Girls

The Miller girls are all legends in the kitchen. The Queens of snacks and masters of the holiday meals. So many memories shared around the dinner table. The recipes of these women will be carried on for generations. Three sisters, who love each other so much. Life has interrupted those cherished times together and now all that remains are those stories from the past. Marshmallow fluff, Bourbon Slushies, and the best swiss steak ever. 


Grandma Emma

Grandma Emma was always cooking authentic Mexican food. She was such a hard worker and worked 2nd shift. After school, I would go to her hours and she always had a tamale pie waiting for me- Roxanne

Emma could take the cheapest piece of meat and make a gourmet meal out of it! - Ruth Anne


Nana Jo

My Nana is always in the kitchen. Cooking and baking for others is 100% her love language. Her chocolate chip cookies are the best (even though she uses the recipe right on the Toll House chocolate chips I can never make them just like she does!) We would have holidays at her house with my entire family gathered in the basement, where we would spread the food out on a white table cloth.. over the pool table! One of my favorites she would make for birthdays was her famous Chocolate Sundae Dessert. Layers of Oreo crumbs, ice cream, Cool Whip, and Chocolate syrup spread out in a glass baking sheet. Love you, Nana.


Chocolate Chip Cookies
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