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Like Mom used to make...

The food moments throughout our lives are some of the most cherished memories. We never know when it will be the last time Mom cooks our favorite meal, or the last time the family is all together at the dinner table. We never know when  “Mom” is no longer able to cook, or when Dad has to retire as king of the grill, or the last time our loved one uses a favorite skillet. These connections over food are lost when someone transitions into assisted living, or memory care. Not only is so much already given up, homes, cars, neighbors, daily rituals, and at times, freedom, but the joy of cooking and eating. 

I have created this mission to help preserve the past through food. I am inspired by my loss. My Mother is in memory care and I would give anything to have her cook me our traditional “special birthday dinner”. Now, I recreate those dinners just like Mom used to make, with my own family, and share my stories of Mom in the kitchen. She made the best cherry chip cake and swiss steak! 

I want to give this moment back to your residents, one meal at a time. I am asking for you to submit your requests on behalf of your residents, share with families and they can also nominate their loved one!  I will select two special guests every month to prepare their special requested meal and serve them. I use china from days gone by, recipes from old cookbooks, and I promise, I will tend to every detail to make this memorable for them. All I need is their nomination, a photo, maybe a little personal story, their favorite meal, and any dietary needs or pertinent information. You can even provide the recipe. 

If you follow me on Facebook and Instagram, I will announce winners there! @i_love_goodnessgracious

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